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Patrick J. Healy

Designer | Consultant | Coach


I'm Pat, and my passion is facilitating superior learning and performance.


I'm obsessed with helping humans develop the knowledge, skills, habits, and systems required to improve their performance, accomplish their goals, and reach their potential in school, work, and life. 

I feed my passion for developing people in three ways:


Design: I've been a learning experience designer for over a decade, building face-to-face and online learning and development programs for organizations like The International Monetary Fund, Harvard Business School, Wayfair, and many more. Over the years, I've helped government officials understand economics, business professionals learn how to negotiate, and product managers learn how to speak engineer.

Consulting: I've also advised executives and organizations on thorny people, performance, and culture issues, partnering with them to design solutions that enhance individual, team, and org performance.

Coaching: Most recently, I've begun to coach high school and college students to achieve their academic goals and young professionals to find jobs and excel in careers they love. 


And when I'm not doing all of this, I'm usually reading and researching all things psychology, learning, edtech, and beyond. 


Whether it's design, consulting, research, or coaching, when you work with me, you can count on a lot of questions upfront so that I can gain a deep understanding of you, your concerns, and your goals. You can then expect us to work hand-in-hand to design and implement a custom solution that works for you in your context—one that actually delivers results.


Want to work with me? Scroll down to see some of the services I offer my clients. Or contact me to set up a free consultation.

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