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Design & Consulting
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"Pat is a brilliant instructional designer and true team player who always puts people first. His depth of knowledge about instructional design and the psychology of learning is matched by his ability to figure anything out - whether it is a new subject area, a new challenging group of stakeholders, or a brand new program structure that is designed for new constraints. He is adept at navigating organizational dynamics, and has an eye for developing culture. He has a deep appreciation for the impact his work has on the day to day experience of hundreds and thousands of folks at a big company. And if that wasn't enough, he is also one of the kindest and most conscientious humans I've ever met... Oh, and did I mention he also gets serious results? If you ever have the chance to work with Pat, take it! He will exceed your expectations.

Mariel Manzone
Executive Coach, Advisor, Former AD @ Wayfair


"I worked closely with Pat at HBS Online (then known as HBX) and came to know him as a thoughtful and dedicated learning designer. Pat's genuine passion for teaching and learning, wide-ranging curiosity, and strong work ethic made him a valuable collaborator and an exceptional course developer."

Peter Kuliesis
Former Director, HBS Online Content Development

Tracy Wuest

Global Director, DEI, Aspen Tech

" I had the pleasure of working on the same team as Patrick [at Wayfair], and pleasure is an understatement. His ability to analyze the true underlying challenges of a business and use that information to inform the design and develop programs/ learning content is unmatched. He is also an excellent facilitator and listener.  I would recommend Patrick to any team looking for a thoughtful program manager, L&D specialist, or content designer."

Rachel Garrity

People Ops Business Partner, Boston Dynamics

"Pat and I worked together at Wayfair building and running an onboarding program for Product Managers. Pat's knack for developing program structure and content is impressive. He is organized and detail-oriented, which helps with not only program structure and rollout, but also with gaining stakeholder buy-in."

Jonathan Williams

Former Director, Curriculum Development at 2U

"Pat is a beacon of knowledge and insight in the learning design space... [He] has an innate ability to size-up learning design problems and to develop effective pedagogical solutions to help learners achieve their goals....From designing new courses to writing course content, Pat has done it all...I highly recommend working with Pat. He would be an asset to any project or team."

Jason Torres

Director, Digital Learning at GWU

"I had the pleasure of working with Patrick at the IMF...[He] is not only highly competent, but highly curious...He would be an excellent addition to any team because of his collaborative approach, willingness to share insight and knowledge and ability to thoughtfully analyze problems to help find the optimal result."
"Pat and I worked together at HBX. He is a true collaborator...and a dependable team players who always seemed to have an insightful way to frame the challenges we were looking to solve."

Ben Chowdhury-Paulino

Director, Strategy and Consulting at Fidelity

“I had the pleasure of working with Pat for two years at HBX...He combined rigorous researching and writing to create engaging and effective content for...and foster innovation across HBX... I would recommend Pat to any company looking for a dedicated and skilled researcher or instructional designer.”

Robert Keeley

Deputy Director, Vermont Agency of Education

Matthew DiCarlo

Projects Officer, International Monetary Fund

"Patrick was at the forefront of our efforts to create an entire online program from scratch. He played a role in every aspect and we would not have accomplished all that we did without him. I would recommend Patrick to companies in the education sector or that have a need for internal or external training development, looking to hire for curriculum design and course delivery oversight, program and project management, or for his experience in every facet of e-learning."

Keith Miao

CEO, Birdstop

 I worked with Pat at the IMF. I took Financial Programming and Policies (FPP), one of the first online courses Pat designed. The course took dense technical content and made it more digestible than I could imagine possible. That course and others Pat built at the IMF would later be taken by government officials and ministers all over the world."
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