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1-1 Career Clarity Coaching

Work with me to clarify your career aspirations and start to fulfill them

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Service Description

Are you in a job you hate but scared to make a change? Do you feel "meh" about your career path but are unsure of what other paths are out there? Too many people fail to pursue jobs and careers that could be an excellent fit for them and bring them satisfaction and meaning. And that's because figuring out the right career path requires thoughtful reflection that most people just aren't willing to do alone... Luckily, coaching can help. My "Career Clarity" program helps young professionals in their twenties and thirties leave boring jobs behind and find careers they love. We start by having you reflect on the issues and challenges you're facing in your current career. Then, I'll challenge you to clarify your career aspirations and values and your unique strengths, interests, and personality. After getting clear on who you are and what you want, we'll develop a game plan to help you get it. I'll support you in moving forward and challenge you to do the things you probably won't want to do to have the career you definitely do. After many years of lacking career clarity myself, it wasn't until I sat down and reflected that I realized what I wanted to do: help humans learn more effectively and perform better at work—preferably in jobs they love. Looking back, I wish I had a coach that could have asked me some of the questions that took me years to ask myself. I do this because I want to ask others those same questions. Take the first step to get clear on your career by reaching out to me for a free consultation. Career clarity awaits!

Contact Details

  • 11 Long Valley Drive, Nanuet, NY, USA


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