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1-1 Cognitive Behavioral Coaching

Work together to replace limiting beliefs and habits with more helpful and empowering ones.

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Service Description

Are you a student who grapples with perfectionism or procrastination? Do you find yourself struggling to get started with assignments or afraid to make mistakes? Or maybe you're a professional who suffers from impostor syndrome and performance anxiety, constantly doubting your capabilities and avoiding taking the risks necessary to advance in your career. 'If only I wasn't so anxious,' you think, 'I'd be able to do better and reach my potential.' I've got good news for you! You can change the way you feel. How? By changing how you think. My "Mind Over Matter" program utilizes cognitive behavioral coaching strategies and techniques to help you identify and overcome the limiting beliefs and behaviors holding you back. We start by identifying the specific situations where perfectionism, procrastination, performance anxiety, impostor syndrome, or another all-too-common issue show up in your life. Then, I'll show you how to pinpoint the unhelpful things you're telling yourself or doing in those situations and teach you evidence-based strategies to replace old scripts and routines with new more empowering ones that will help you achieve the results you want. Finally, you'll test these strategies in the real world, experience success, and gain confidence in your abilities that you never knew you had. I know these techniques work because I've used them myself. A recovering anxious achiever and perfectionist, I engaged in many of the same thinking traps and bad habits—until I learned cognitive behavioral techniques and took back my mind. Now, as a certified CBT coach, I'm helping others to do the same. My clients often tell me that through our work, they’ve learned to tackle their work and studies in a more balanced and effective way. They’ve gained a toolkit that helps them not just for a test or a project, but in facing the uncertainties and pressures of daily life. For anyone struggling with perfectionism or anxiety, I'm here to tell you that you're not alone. I'm here to support you in navigating these mental hurdles. Together, we’ll work on making you not just more confident and successful, but kinder to your own mind.

Contact Details

  • 11 Long Valley Drive, Nanuet, NY, USA


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