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33 Lessons in 33 Years of Life

Every year on my birthday, I take some time to look back on my previous year and review lessons I've learned during my time on earth. Here's a list of 33 of my top ones. I hope you might find a few that may be useful.

Health & Wellness

  1. Physical health is the foundation of everything we do. The quality of your health determines the quality of your life.

  2. If you're not eating well, moving regularly, and getting sufficient sleep, good luck with anything else you're doing to get an edge. Fundamentals first.

  3. Moderation in all things—except moderation. Practice moderation to the extreme.

  4. The brain is an organ like the heart. Invest in your mental fitness as much, if not more, than physical fitness.

Interpersonal Relationships

  1. Kindness is underrated. You can go pretty far just by not being a jerk.

  2. Actions matter more than thoughts and words. If what you do isn't aligned with what you believe or say, it would benefit you and others to close the gap.

  3. Being generous with others more than makes up for it in the long run.

  4. Do the right thing even when nobody is watching. Because that's not are watching.

  5. Never attribute malice to that which can be explained by ignorance, incompetence, or a bad night's sleep.

  6. Others' opinions of you say far more about them than they do about you. Unless the opinions of many others form a trend. Then, it's probably you...

  7. Nobody is an island. Everyone needs a tribe of like-minded others to support and challenge them on their journeys.

  8. You're never too old to make friends, cry, learn how to do something, let go of grudges, or act like a goofball.

Work & Career

  1. Success is peace of mind in knowing that you gave your all toward something that mattered to you.

  2. If you can't answer, "How much would be enough for me?" when it comes to money, promotions, awards, titles, followers, and other accolades, you’ve probably got a problem...

  3. There’s no prize for more. At the end of your career, you won’t receive some trophy for having worked more hours, made more connections, answered more emails, etc.

  4. Consistency trumps intensity. The small things we do most often matter more than the big things we do occasionally or never.

  5. Work with people who give you energy, doing something that drains you of energy (in a good way).

  6. Never compare yourself to others, unless you seek to feel grateful or inspired.

  7. Find the thing you love that helps others that you can make a living doing. The rest is details.


  1. Humans are more alike than we are different. And whatever differences we have that don't negatively impact the lives of others should be respected and cherished.

  2. We are all just monkeys spinning on a rock trying to get our needs met. Remember that next time you want to crucify that bastard on the highway.

  3. If someone says they know the "truth" or have the single best "solution" to your problem, they are probably trying to sell you something.

  4. Humanity progresses to the extent that we collaborate to solve problems, not fight to create more of them.

Learning & Growth

  1. There is no failure, only feedback. FAIL = Further Attempt in Learning.

  2. Knowledge is the foundation of power and progress. Self-knowledge is the foundation of effectiveness and equanimity.

  3. Learning is the only skill that will never go out of fashion. As long as you are willing and able to learn, things will be OK.

  4. Never be afraid of saying, "I don't know." Because the big secret is...nobody knows. It's amateur hour 24/7.

  5. Changing one's mind when faced with new information is a sign of strength, not weakness.

Happiness & Fulfillment

  1. Happiness = Reality/Expectations. If you're not happy, either change your reality or lower your expectations.

  2. Figure out what is within your control and what is not. Then focus relentlessly on the former. In doing so, you might just change the latter. If not, at least you won’t live a life of constant frustration.

  3. Perfection is an illusion. There have been 0 perfect people in the history of the world, and you are not likely to be the first.

  4. In the grand scheme of things, you don't matter. You will almost surely die within ~100 years of birth. And nobody will remember you. Isn't that amazing?

  5. Time is the only non-renewable resource. Don't waste it. Invest it more wisely than you do even your money. Enjoy the time you spend on earth. You only have so much of it and you’re the only one who can.

Feel free to let me know which ones resonate with you, disagree, or share your own in the comments below.

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